Lucky Baby Japan Side Plus All Mesh Grey



Many baby carriers are not designed for long term use , especially in warmer conditions. However, The Side Plus All Mesh allows both parent and child to remain comfortable in both humid and hot climates.

A baby is usually 1 degree higher than adults as their metabolism is 2 or 3 times more active than adults. Therefore, when adults carry a baby, their body temperature increases as well.In addition, babies higher body temperatures can lead to added moisture inside carriers, causing discomfort for both the parent and child.

We surveyed 50 groups of parents with babies, 75% stated that “their baby gets sweaty while carrying with a baby carrier”, especially, the head and back area. Side Plus All Mesh has surperior air flow in the head and back area. In addition, out of sight parts are also designed for further comfort while carrying in hot and humid weather.

Side Plus All Mesh is made of Superior Fabric. Not only does its cushion offers maximum comfort, it also offers moderate stretch.

Advanced Waist Belt will reduce the burden on your Shoulder greatly!
3-Way Carrying Position, easy to use while providing maximum support for both mother and child at the same time.

  • 3-way carrying position: cradle, face-to-face, piggy-back 
  • Very comfortable with wide-waist belt
  • Do not retain heat, with 3Dmesh
  • Perfect fit with stretch material
  • Safe and comfortable structure: safety board /safety support / sleeping support

Recommended age:
Cradle style: 10 days after birth until 4 months old
Face-to-face style/Piggy back style: 4 months old – 36 months old (15 kg / 33 lbs)