Our Story

Hi! I’m How Mean, wife to Caleb, mummy to Seth (2+ year old) and now co-Founder of tinylittleone.

Our family loves outdoor activities, travel and adventure, and we brought Seth on his first overseas trip at 5 months to America, where we had a grand time together, exposing our baby to his first taste of a different culture and many new and exciting sights and sounds!

After sharing about our experience with friends and family, we realized that other parents wanted to bring their babies out and about as well but were reluctant to start because they felt the logistics were too overwhelming! Rather than wait for our babies to grow up, we want to help parents find their sense of adventure and wonder back. Most important, we want you to create and share new adventures and memories with your baby as soon as possible!

Whether you're an avid biker, hiker or just someone who loves going out, TLO has Interesting, Beautiful and Essential products that will help you share your passion with your baby, make packing and planning a lot easier so that you can focus on your tinylittleone’s first reactions to the great outdoors and beyond!


Why the name "tinylittleone"? 

Do you remember the first time you saw your baby? The first ultrasound scan, the first heartbeat, the first wail; all these moments come to define your whole world when you meet your little one.And no matter how Big they become and how far away they go while exploring the world, they will always be our tinylittleone in our hearts.


Some fun & trivia facts about me (you may skip this section):  

  • Ran 2 marathons and a handful of half marathons including 1 in Gold Coast Australia
  • Moderator of a Breast feeding NGO community with over 8000 members
  • Volunteered as a Docent at the Singapore Night Safari
  • Did gymnastics and dance in Secondary school
  • Earned an Honours Degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Speak fluently in English, Chinese, Malay, Teochew and a little Japanese
So in short, what do we do?

tinylittleone Singapore- An Online Baby Store helping busy Young Parents get Interesting, Beautiful and
Essential on-the-Go products.

Thank you for taking time to read Our Story, learn about Our Values and find out about Our Why
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