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Fun Kid Activity- Make your own Pizza November 29 2013, 0 Comments

School's out for a week and so I was compelled to do fun things with Megan in this precious span of time. I was trying to think of fun activities that cost as little as possible, but pizza making turned out to be not a wallet friendly activity!

We made the base using this recipe, and the dough doubled its volume when rested for a few hours. It wasn't the fluffiest or softest pizza base i've eaten but it was easy to make and decent enough. Megan was involved in the whole process which slowed things down a lot. But it's okay, after all the point was for her to enjoy not really for me to hone my non existent pizza making skills haha!



She had this weird idea of putting the cheese at the sides of the pizza separate from the other toppings ....

I had to make two more pizza bases in a haste as there would be insufficient pizza to go round, and so the next two bases were thinner but tougher to chew. When it was freshly baked it was the nicest! I had a hard time deciding what flavour so it was a mix of parma ham and rocket leaves, scallop in japanese mayo sprinkled with japanese seasoning , portabello mushrooms and spicy salami. They're like all my favourites! Megan ate a lot of her own pizza. I guess she was very pleased that she made it herself :)



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