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fluf Organic Cotton Lunch Bag Review October 17 2013, 0 Comments

This lovely little bag from Canada is not only eye catching but has proven to be really handy as well. I like how it's made of good quality and sturdy materials - stuff that won't fall apart on you. It is deep enough to put quite a lot of things in, and the opening is wide enough to find anything needed in a jiffy. That's important because mummies need to whip out things like tissues at a moment's notice. This bag is coming with me on short outings when it's not carrying Megan's/ my lunch. :) It's a versatile lunch bag after all!

See how pleased Megan is with her apples. But Luffy our doggie wasn't too interested in them haha! All he wanted to do was look out for birds and other dogs. 

This bag is washable, perfect for grubby kids who mess up. The lining on the inside is water resistant and can be pulled out for a quick rinse (as seen below) and ready to be used again. :D

There are other cute designs available in the tlo's store that will both please both kids and adults! I like to borrow Megan's array of lunch bags when I occasionally pack lunch to work and this bag is great as it can be folded and kept in my work bag so i'll have one less thing to carry home from work! Megan can manage this bags on her own if it's not too heavy but it's still not much of a help to me because she still wants to be carried even at 3 years old, sigh! 

This is one cute bag that is easy for kids and adults to use! And a great gift idea for any clueless gift giver :)

Review was written by TLO guest blogger Charis Tang.
fluf is found exclusively in Singapore at tinylittleone.