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The Talented Face Painter- Mom Blogger Dianaruth from Chubby Anecdotes March 18 2014, 1 Comment

Today, tinylittleone gets to know the very talented Dianaruth, a mom who blogs at 

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a proud mother of 3, a somewhere-in-the-middle mum – neither a FTWM (Full-time Working Mum) nor a full-fledged SAHM (Stay-At-Home Mum). On weekdays, I work from home and check into office 3 mornings in a week. I also run a little face painting business,, which operates mostly on weekends, when I switch to party mode and face paint at parties and events. In between and apart from my work schedule, I watch Disney Junior with my kids, dance (okay, try to dance) to Hi-5, bake, craft and blog whenever my schedule allows, run after my kids in the park, while they run after me at home. 


I was a full-time working mum (FTWM) prior to my current part-time and ad-hoc work arrangement. It wasn’t easy to bid my career goodbye – it was in fact, very difficult. Especially, shortly after the honeymoon period of being a SAHM, I feel a sense of lost like never before. I am therefore, very grateful for my current work arrangement with my employer. It isn’t just a job to pay the bills, it is to me a lifeline back to my professional life, when the kids are older. 

Becoming a mum is the best thing that has happened to me, and among the best decisions I’ve made. I know (much to my dismay) that I would be left way behind by my peers when I return to full-time work, the day my kids are old enough for me to do so. But, I also know that the kids are worth it, and if I could give up part of my dreams to empower my children to fulfil theirs, I should have no complains or regrets. Just as my mum had gave up hers for my siblings and I.  

You are a mummy to.. 

3 bubbly kids - Shanice (7 yo), Renee (5 yo) and Nat (3 yo).
I call them my do,re,mi. Get to know do,re,mi.


When and why did you start blogging?

I started blogging shortly after Renee was born. I used to keep scrapbooks of Shanice’s development but found it difficult to catch up with 2 young children. Hence, I opted for a faster, cheaper and easier way to archive our memories – blog.  

Why should readers read your blog?

Why would they not? *thick skin* LOL! is a blog for all things crafty and fun. Because it’s my blog, it’s pretty much like me (and my kids), okay, more my kids than me. It’s colourful, filled with kids’ crafts and the goodies we baked at home and with friends. From time to time, I enjoy working on advertorials and product reviews, pretty much like little pet projects I take up when I have the time or when something exciting comes my way. 

What or who inspire you to keep doing what you do?

My kids. Nothing and no one inspires me more than my children. I would have been pretty much wasted without them. They kept my foot on the ground and open up my imagination- even the sky isn’t the limit. I have always been breathing but I’ve only started living a wholesome life after they came into my life. 

Describe your parenting style.

Almost-anything goes. 
I am quite chill about most things. My hubby likes to use the term “free-ranging” on the kids. Think Aussie outback and kangaroos, yup, that’s pretty much what it’s like at home – little kids running and bouncing around while I hop around, trying not to step on some toy on the floor ☺.  My home is usually in a mess, that’s the norm for us, and its fine. Just don’t ask the husband what he thinks ☺ 

How do you balance work, blog and family?

Ah, I am not good at juggling (I don’t just mean motorskills), as for time management *ermham, I hope I won’t regret writing it down*, it is non-existence outside office hours – It is a trained behaviour for work, not something natural to me… I guess I’ve said enough. Haha. 

So back to your question, how do I balance? Well, I don’t - not alone. They say it takes a village to raise a kid. I have my ‘village’ to thank for supporting me (and my kids). 

If there’s one benefit of growing up in a big family (having 3 siblings), is that there are people I can fall back on. That’s one thing, I am sure my kids will grow up to appreciate. I am very blessed to have a super-able helper, she is kind, loyal and great with kids. She has been working with us since Renee’s (my second child) birth. Good friends and neighbours are great help too. I probably live in the nicest neighbourhood - my neighbours are awesome with kids. Sometimes, the kids would run over to Aunty T’s house for tea and play with her baby while I take a moment to do my own things. 

Your best adventures with your kids

Going anywhere with 3 kids is pretty much an adventure. We haven’t wandered too far from home with all 3 children. The furthest we went was Lego Land in Malaysia and it was fun, though I won’t say it’s the best adventure we had. It’s tough to decide which are the best adventures, as we kinda enjoy most of our outings.  But ask me again for the worst ones and I probably have a couple to share. LOL! 

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