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#octphotochallenge Part 2: A Photo Journey without Words November 21 2013, 0 Comments

#octphotochallenge Part 1: A Photo Journey without Words November 08 2013, 0 Comments

#septphotochallenge: Day 21-30 October 02 2013, 0 Comments

This is the 3rd part of the #septphotochallenge series, from Day 21-30 

If you have missed our previous post:
1st part series #septphotochallenge: Day 1-10
2nd part series #septphotochallenge: Day 11-20

Here are our posts for Day 21- Day 30.

Day 21: A #friend or 2 makes playtime so much more Fun!


 Day 22: I #need a cup of #coffee every morning, do you?

Day 23: I #want something sleek, shiny, and weights like Air!

Day 24: Do you like my new pomelo hat that we have#made?

Day 25: I can reach the top drawer since I'm a #tall boy now. 

Day 26: My fave game right now- #peekaboo

Day 27: My fave #snack, just cannot resist it.

Day 28: Lift buttons are kids best friend #goingup

Day 29: Book that was most #inspiring to us this year.

Day 30: Final day of #septphotochallenge @sanses. We complete today with something we #love most- our little Family! 

Thanks to those who have followed #mytinylittleone posting daily, we love you as well!

Look out for out #octphotochallenge on Instagram and Facebook.


#septphotochallenge: Day 11-20 September 21 2013, 0 Comments

Wow, we cannot believe that we have past 2/3 of our September photo challenge! This is the 2nd part of the #septphotochallenge series, from Day 11-20. 
Read about  our 1st part series #septphotochallenge: Day 1-10 if you missed it.


Here are our posts for Day 11- Day 20.

Day 11: Staring in awe at the amazing under #water creatures. 

Day 12. Your warm #hugs keep me safe and secure anywhere.

Day 13: The #cutest thing is of course- Doraemon!

Day 14: Great fun flying on my #yellow plane.

Day 15: Cycling is fun & #healthy!

Day 16: I'm not sure who created this mess?

Day 17: "F" is for #family #fun

Day 18: My big #head shot

Day 19: A seaky peek inside my diaper #bag.

Day 20: My very first pair of #shoes.

Alright, another 10 days more to go for the final series. Meanwhile, See you on Instagram

#septphotochallenge: Day 1-10 September 10 2013, 0 Comments

Some of TLO facebook followers have been curious and intrigued by our latest photo post series since the start of September. Well, we have took up the september photo challenge issued by a mom blogger Sanses on Instagram. Click to read her blog. It's our first time doing this, and we hope that you will enjoy our photo interpretations of the theme for each day.

Basically there is a theme for every single day in the month of September. You can check out our Instagram @mytinylittleone

tinylittleone is joining the Fun for #septphotochallenge

Here are our posts for Day 1- Day 10.

Day 1: Starting off @sanses #septphotochallenge at 10 o'clock.

Day 2: Sunnyside ups for #breakfast always makes me happy. 

Day 3: I am furry, sometimes sweet, & other times sour. I share my name with a flightless bird, and a shoe shine product. Who am I? (Hint: #fruit)

Day 4: What I do when my snack seems too #far for my reach. 

Day 5: Have you seen a #pink snail before?

Day 6: Sometimes a #teacher is like a clothes peg, important yet unappreciated. On this day, we make them feel special. 

Day 7: Seeing #mytinylittleone having a "serious" phone conversation on an unplugged fax machine is absolutely hilarious. He never fails to make me :)

Day 8: Large #Toes, Tiny Toes.

Day 9: The symphony of spices and curries hits my nose, then comes the aroma from the Teh Tarik. That Prata is screaming at me to start, I'm drooling. My favorite #smell of breakfast.

Day 10: Cultivating the love of reading #book from young. 

Do you have a favourite? Let us know.

Megan's 3rd Birthday Party! July 10 2013, 0 Comments

One of our guest bloggers, Charis, celebrated her darling Megan's 3rd birthday with a sweet pink and purple princess theme last week with lots of food, fun, and laughter.

We love how Charis's creative hands made everything look so lovely and princessy. Check out the party decor, pastries, and rosette ombre cake that she made in these images shot by the guests on instagram. Can you guess which fairytale princess Megan is?


TLO is proud to sponsor the event's instagram prints. Keen to have instagram prints at your party/event? Drop Josh Koo Photography an email or message on Facebook for further details =)

Winner of tinylittleone's 1st Giveaway! June 29 2013, 0 Comments

Thanks to everyone who participated in tinylittleone's 1st Giveaway! 

Here's darling Seth picking out the winner for the Pearhead Fun Friend Wood Bank.

And the Winner is... 


Congratulations to Priscilla Kek for winning the Wallie Whale! We'll be in touch with you very soon. TLO would also like to send shopping coupons to all participants of the giveaway (please contact us on FB or at 

Thank you all for making our 1st giveaway a success!

tinylittleone's soft launch! May 30 2013, 0 Comments

We decided to launch our web store with a big bang at darling Seth's 1st birthday party! There was food, fun and friends galore, and the little ones all had fun trying out the Schoenhut piano while the adults were tucking into the delicious curries and pratas by Casuarina Curry. There was also a lovely photobooth set up by Josh Koo Photography where everyone could take pictures and bring home sweet memories. Every child brought home a Skip*Hop waterbottle, much to the envy of the aunties there! (Don't worry, they managed to bring home a bottle too, though at a price heh.)  

A big thank you to all for making our launch a success!

Here are some of our favourite shots from the party! Do hop by our Facebook page for more shots!