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Crafting fun @ EatPlayLove Cafe February 24 2014, 0 Comments

My cousin was the first to know about this cosy little cafe located a few streets away from Arab Street and he thought of taking Megan there. So 5 adults and one tiny tot headed there one Sunday afternoon. That day there two consecutive kid's birthday parties so bookings were not taken, but we managed to get a seat within 10mins.
I really love the gorgeous colors and decor and the whole concept of crafting & food under one roof! I never imagined this combination would work but it was perfect. Megan signed in to get a pack of art materials and there were a lot more materials at the shelves next to the tables, which i took and made her a macaroni necklace  :) She loved it a lot and the adults too were not left out when we discovered the fun of shrink plastic. 


 All you need to do is get your design onto the plastic (initially it will be soft like OHP transparency), punch a hole if necessary and bake it in the toaster for a few seconds, then press it between two sheets of baking paper with a flat object. Your end result will be a solid plastic with ur own design on it. You can turn them into cute earrings, keychains or necklaces, such endless possibilities! I was kind of crazy about it and went to artfriend the next day to get more supplies! 

It's really quite a fun place to spend your day with your young ones and friends.
Check them out:

EatPlayLove Cafe
28 Aliwal Street #01-07 Singapore 199918
Aliwal Arts Center

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