#septphotochallenge: Day 21-30 October 02 2013, 0 Comments

This is the 3rd part of the #septphotochallenge series, from Day 21-30 

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Here are our posts for Day 21- Day 30.

Day 21: A #friend or 2 makes playtime so much more Fun!


 Day 22: I #need a cup of #coffee every morning, do you?

Day 23: I #want something sleek, shiny, and weights like Air!

Day 24: Do you like my new pomelo hat that we have#made?

Day 25: I can reach the top drawer since I'm a #tall boy now. 

Day 26: My fave game right now- #peekaboo

Day 27: My fave #snack, just cannot resist it.

Day 28: Lift buttons are kids best friend #goingup

Day 29: Book that was most #inspiring to us this year.

Day 30: Final day of #septphotochallenge @sanses. We complete today with something we #love most- our little Family! 

Thanks to those who have followed #mytinylittleone posting daily, we love you as well!

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