#septphotochallenge: Day 11-20 September 21 2013, 0 Comments

Wow, we cannot believe that we have past 2/3 of our September photo challenge! This is the 2nd part of the #septphotochallenge series, from Day 11-20. 
Read about  our 1st part series #septphotochallenge: Day 1-10 if you missed it.


Here are our posts for Day 11- Day 20.

Day 11: Staring in awe at the amazing under #water creatures. 

Day 12. Your warm #hugs keep me safe and secure anywhere.

Day 13: The #cutest thing is of course- Doraemon!

Day 14: Great fun flying on my #yellow plane.

Day 15: Cycling is fun & #healthy!

Day 16: I'm not sure who created this mess?

Day 17: "F" is for #family #fun

Day 18: My big #head shot

Day 19: A seaky peek inside my diaper #bag.

Day 20: My very first pair of #shoes.

Alright, another 10 days more to go for the final series. Meanwhile, See you on Instagram