#septphotochallenge: Day 1-10 September 10 2013, 0 Comments

Some of TLO facebook followers have been curious and intrigued by our latest photo post series since the start of September. Well, we have took up the september photo challenge issued by a mom blogger Sanses on Instagram. Click to read her blog. It's our first time doing this, and we hope that you will enjoy our photo interpretations of the theme for each day.

Basically there is a theme for every single day in the month of September. You can check out our Instagram @mytinylittleone

tinylittleone is joining the Fun for #septphotochallenge

Here are our posts for Day 1- Day 10.

Day 1: Starting off @sanses #septphotochallenge at 10 o'clock.

Day 2: Sunnyside ups for #breakfast always makes me happy. 

Day 3: I am furry, sometimes sweet, & other times sour. I share my name with a flightless bird, and a shoe shine product. Who am I? (Hint: #fruit)

Day 4: What I do when my snack seems too #far for my reach. 

Day 5: Have you seen a #pink snail before?

Day 6: Sometimes a #teacher is like a clothes peg, important yet unappreciated. On this day, we make them feel special. 

Day 7: Seeing #mytinylittleone having a "serious" phone conversation on an unplugged fax machine is absolutely hilarious. He never fails to make me :)

Day 8: Large #Toes, Tiny Toes.

Day 9: The symphony of spices and curries hits my nose, then comes the aroma from the Teh Tarik. That Prata is screaming at me to start, I'm drooling. My favorite #smell of breakfast.

Day 10: Cultivating the love of reading #book from young. 

Do you have a favourite? Let us know.