Guest Post: The Paintball Battle August 26 2013, 0 Comments

Today TLO is very honoured and excited to have our very first guest blogger - Charis Tang. Charis is mother to 3 year old Megan, and she is kind enough to share with us some of their Adventures together.

Hi there! I'm Charis, Tinylittleone's guest blogger! It's an honour to be able to share little snippets of outdoorsy fun of my otherwise mundane life here on this blog. 

On the Saturday after National Day, a bunch of us headed to Danga City mall for some paintball action! 5 minutes from the causeway they said, but well, the car convoys split up at the immigration and we panicked for a bit but thankfully everyone arrived eventually.

 What i liked about playing at Dynamic paintball was that they provided freshly laundered overalls to protect our clothes, and vests for everybody. Also it was indoors in an air-conditioned space with no mud (as compared to the one in SG)! We splashed 100RM on 500 paintballs each and i have to say, its totally value for money. So we donned our protection, loaded our guns and off we went!

In the heat of the battle...

What did the tiny tot do? This tender hearted 3 year old didn't quite like it! She had her ears stuffed with tissues because it could get quite loud.... and later she retreated underneath the hood of her pram. There wasn't much to do around the mall, I think it was quite deserted, but there was a secret recipe shop there for them to sit and chill.

Thankfully I had my sis and her godma to babysit her so that I could, you know,  win 3 out of 4 games played together with my team. Haha! 

We spent a total of 3 hours getting covered with paint and pain. Yup, one does not walk away with no battle scars to show for it. But that's what makes it exciting! The pain is real, you wouldn't just run into the enemy's territory on a whim!

Finally the highlight for some of us- dinner at On Kee Restaurant for some yummy chinese food. We were glad our Sing dollar is strong so that we can eat to our fill without feeling the pinch. 

It was such a fabulous time, that and the fact that it's been all work and no play so long. Looking forward to the next adventure!