To My Love February 14 2014, 0 Comments

My dear Child,

The world celebrates what we call Valentine's day on February 14 today.
It's a day where people celebrate love by giving gifts, chocolates, flowers, and fine dine.
All these things will make you feel romantic, nice and lovely.
It really feels good to give and receive gifts and sweet nothings.

But don't let the world tell you when to love, or how to love.
Love is much more than all these external things.
It is found deep within our hearts, and we ought to show it daily.
And after the magic of Feb 14 is gone, we will know if Love was true or just a show.

You know I loved you before I met you.
And thank you for the chance to love you every single day.
I feel your love in your eyes, your hugs and your kisses.
And I promise that I will love you Forever.